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Welcome to the Leemans Waste Centre

Whether you are a waste collector or operate a waste incineration plant: the Leemans Waste Centre is your partner for all your waste management needs. We are here to help you with our innovative and durable waste management solutions.

We don’t operate like other waste centres. Our logistical process is far more efficient, much cleaner and a lot safer:

  • We sort the waste on site at the waste collector’s location
  • We organise the transport from waste collector to incinerator
  • We clean all containers and skips after each cycle
  • You’ll have a fixed contact during the entire cycle and all logistic modalities
  • We are able to take over the full logistic process just in time

Durable and environmentally conscious, that is what matters to us at the Leemans Waste Centre. With your needs as our focal point, we strive to surpass your expectations every day. Our team of highly skilled professionals is determined to help you maximise your business and minimise your risks. Ever since 1928 Leemans is a surefire way for getting high quality service.

Leemans uses the highest safety standards and complies with your all your safety directives! Curious about what we can do for you? Please get in touch to get to know us.

Our motto: “Safe home, every day”


We are one of the leading companies in all of Europe and the UK when it comes to waste management and transport, and have been for years. Early 1980s we moved into Europe. Recently we established our Leemans Waste Centre in London, providing waste management services and the entire logistical process throughout the UK. We operate more innovative, safer and cleaner than you might be used to.

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How we operate

We operate in a less traditional and far more efficient way than you might be used. Our three step approach includes:

1. Sorting on location at the waste collector’s.

2. Transport from waste collector to incinerator.

3. Cleaning the containers.

The proces

Our partners

The Leemans Waste Centre is looking for collaboration and knowledge sharing with partners. This means a constant focus on cooperation and maintaining good relations. Not only within our own company but also with our external partners. We work with major, international partners in England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Germany.

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Contact details Leemans Waste Centre

Bedrijvenpark Twente 25
7602 KA Almelo

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